Steel Beams

Steel beams are well known for their strength and durability, and are the most common form of structural support in commercial and residential buildings. At All Steel and Stump Supplies, we are happy to supply Queensland with strong and safe steel beams.

Types of Steel Beams

Just as there are many different types of wood, there are different types of structural steel beams to choose from. Each one offers varying advantages and has a unique purpose for specific environments. Our range of steel beams include Channel Beams and Universal Beams.

Channel Beams in Brisbane

Channel Beams

Channel Steel Beams, also known as C-Beams, are commonly used in civil engineering and construction projects. These beams are known for their distinct cross-sectional web and come with two flanges on the top and bottom of the web.

C-Beams are commonly used in applications where the flat side of the beam can be mounted onto another flat surface for maximum contact area.

Universal Steel Beams in Brisbane

Universal Beams

Universal Steel Beams (UB Beams) and Universal Columns (UC Beams) are commonly used in construction because their shape offers greater support for bending and shear forces.

These beams have several advantages in terms of their strength and are often used in the main structure of a house and in load-bearing walls.

Advantages of Steel Beams

Steel beams differ from other products in their uses. Since they are often required to secure and fasten structures, it is vital that they are sturdy and reliable. This is where their advantages lie – steel beams can handle large amounts of weight and stress and are very unlikely to break.

Adding to that, there are also the benefits that come with all steel products. They are fire-safe since they are not made of flammable materials, and they cannot be damaged by pests. This means you won’t have to worry about termites or rodents damaging the structural integrity of your building.

Overall, steel beams can be trusted to create a safe and stable environment, removing the need for other reinforcements.

Structural Steel Brisbane
Structural Steel Beams


High quality structural steel is essential for creating a firm base and framework for any house raising project. We only use the best pre-galvanised steel, heavy duty thickness and precision fabrication to ensure your structural steel beams can support your house while upholding its structural integrity.

Steel beams are well known in the industry for providing structural support whenever they are used. When choosing which steel beam is best for your needs, it is recommended that you consult with the specialists. At All Steel and Stump Supplies, we are always ready to assist you with any information. If need be, we can also manufacture steel beams to fit your unique needs.

For more information about our comprehensive range of steel beams, download our product list.

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