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At All Steel & Stump Supplies, we aim to be your destination for all your house stumping supplies. We offer a comprehensive range of products you can use for all your bracing purposes. We supply a variety of anchor bolts, bracing rods and fastenings.

Increase the structural performance and safety of your construction with the help of a bracing system. Building a bracing system as part of your structural frame helps to evenly distribute loads. Bracing helps manage lateral stresses such as wind, earthquakes and other forces.

High Quality Accessories

Our range of anchor bolts, bracing and fastenings are made according to the highest Australian steel standards. They are sure to help provide your construction with high structural competence, safety and durability.

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Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts help reinforce structures so they can better handle tension and shear forces such as strong winds and earthquakes. We offer a wide range of anchor bolts that are sold either in sets or as individual pieces.

Our timber and concrete anchor bolts can be used for a variety of applications and are suitable for stumps and bearers or varying sizes. You can also request customised anchor bolts, made to suit your individual requirements.

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Needless to say, bracing rods are an essential element of any bracing system and it’s important to have high quality, durable bracing rods that can withstand just about anything.

At All Steel & Stump Supplies, we offer a wide range of structural and stump bracing products. Our stainless-steel rods come in special small, small and large sizes, depending on whether you are working with concrete or timber.


High quality anchor bolts and bracing can only perform their best when they are supported by high quality fasteners. At All Steel & Stump Supplies, we have a wide selection of fasteners, such as cup head bolts, nuts and washers, so you have reliable and convenient stop for all your bracing needs.

Concrete Stump Accessories

In addition to anchor bolts, stump bracing and fastenings, we offer a a wide range of concrete and timber stump accessories including reinforced bars and stump caps and bases, to not only provide structural integrity but also ensure long term durability for the structure of your home.

When choosing which house stumping accessories are best for your needs, it is recommended that you consult with the specialists. We strive to provide convenient and reliable services to all our clients, while offering a wide range of steel, concrete and timber stumps, plus all the fixings to hold your structure together.

For more information about our comprehensive range of timber and concrete stump accessories, download our product list.

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Timber and concrete house stumps are an affordable choice that can work in many soil and environmental conditions.

In Queensland, due to the regular occurrence of high winds, anchor bolts are required to be used around the perimeter and under bracing walls of timber foundations.

We can provide you with all of these accessories and advise you on what is needed in your individual restumping situation.