Steel Stump Accessories

At All Steel & Stump Supplies, we aim to be your destination for all things structural steel. When you buy steel columns from us, you can choose from our wide range of accessories. Your re-stumping project won’t be delayed while you go around looking for bracing or plates that fit your materials.

We offer high quality accessories such as drilling holes, bracing rods, deformed bars, base plates and top plates. These accessories are available in a variety of sizes, so they are compatible with the wide range of stumps and columns we offer.

High Quality Accessories

We aim to make things convenient for you by offering a wide range of services and accessories to go with your steel stumps and columns. Learn more about the different accessories we offer to help you decide what suits your needs most.

Drilling holes in structural steel

Drilling Holes

Drilling holes in structural steel can reduce the structural integrity of the product, if not done right. Our team is professionally trained and highly skilled when it comes to drilling holes and will only make circular holes that don’t damage the durability and strength of your stumps and columns.

We can drill holes that are 14mm and 16mm in diameter.

bracing rod brisbane


A bracing rod is used to connect steel beams and columns together and provide greater structural stability and strength. This ensures that your construction can withstand inclement weather conditions, strong winds, and even earthquakes.

At All Steel & Stump Supplies, we offer stump bracing products in a variety of customised lengths, depending on your unique requirements.

Deformed steel bars brisbane

Deformed Bar

Deformed steel bars are used in construction and masonry to reinforce structures and support the concrete when it is under tension. We have a range of deformed bars on offer that are all fabricated in compliance with relevant Australian standards.

We offer N12 and N16 deformed bars in a variety of lengths.

Base Plates Brisbane

Top Plates & Bases

Column base plates and top plates are used to connect steel stumps, columns and posts to the concrete foundation and the rest of the structural frame in construction. We offer a variety of high-quality top and base plates to provide greater support to your structural construction.

We supply top plates with a standard head, vertical head, half head, base plate and tag.

Structural Steel Brisbane
Structural Steel Accessories


High quality structural steel is essential for creating a firm base and framework for any house raising project. We only use the best pre-galvanised steel, heavy duty thickness and precision fabrication to ensure your structural steel beams can support your house while upholding its structural integrity.

When choosing which steel stumps and accessories are best for your needs, it is recommended that you consult with the specialists. At All Steel and Stump Supplies, we are always ready to assist you with any information. If need be, we can also customise our products to fit your unique needs.

For more information about our comprehensive range of steel stump accessories, download our product list.

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